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Tuesday, 06 January 2015 06:40

Tips Make your Bedroom a Sanctuary

Most people consider their bedroom a sanctuary - a great place to retreat after a long day at work or play. To cater to this need, a staged bedroom needs to convey this calmness. If you are staging a master bedroom, then try and achieve calm luxury. For guest rooms, gracious hospitality and calmness are good characteristics to have. For children’s bedrooms, try to imagine a quiet place to read a bedtime story.

Dress the bed

For bedding, we prefer to use colors you would find in fine hotel linens - white or off white. Choose sheets, pillowcases and bedspreads in these neutral shades.

We also like to buy new linens if possible. They will look crisp and clean if you keep them just for showings. If you have a down duvet on your bed, consider folding it at the foot of the bed, or storing it under the bed in a box for showings.

The bed is where you can add punches of color to provide interest and contrast to the room. Throw pillows are much less expensive than buying shams and come in a rainbow of colors. Here is where you can add your navy, persimmon, or sunshine yellow.

Punches of color add a personality to the space without being taste specific. (We try and coordinate these punches of color on the bed with the window coverings whenever possible. It helps continuity and keeps the space from becoming too busy - remember, it's supposed to be a restful retreat.)

Tuesday, 06 January 2015 06:39

Kitchen Style Guide

For many households, the kitchen truly is the heart of the home and the hub of family and social gatherings

Kitchen should be clean, warm /colorful and inviting

  • Benches clean/de-clutter
  • Cupboards declutter inside/ organize /cleaned
  • Oven degrease/ clean hotplates and clean door
  • Have all the appliances working
  • Fridge remove door decorations and clean
  • Taps repair leaks
  • Floor clean/ Sanitise / air refreshment
  • Remove any food odor
  • Decorate add a bowl of fruit or flower arrangements

Tuesday, 06 January 2015 06:14

Home Styleguide


You're entitled to all you can net out of your home. But some say that there is a fine line between salesmanship and deception. I disagree. Painting a room to improve cosmetic appearance is salesmanship. Painting a room to hide leaks on the ceiling is deception. The difference is clear. That is why I recommend that home sellers do four things. First, disclose everything you can about your home, including defects you know exist and even ones you merely suspect. Next, consider having a prelisting inspection performed by a Agentfinder.sydney recommended Certified Home Inspectors” A FREE SERVICE” and give every prospect a copy of the report, if they want to purchase the inspection report. Third, encourage and allow prospects to perform their own inspections. Having taken steps that alert your prospects to the negatives frees you to emphasize the positives. Lastly, I recommend using a real estate professional to keep everything straight. Many a buyer happily paid full price after a real estate professional found them the right home. Both seller and buyer are winners when salesmanship is combined with honesty.


Think like a buyer. Prospects naturally want the best for themselves. They arrive at your front door wanting to find the right home. If you have done your preparation work, every room in your home will lead them to end their search. Get everything done before your first showing.

  • Mow lawn /edge /sweep and leaves
  • Paving weed /clean /repair
  • Prune/ shape trees to compliment your home
  • Add an inch or two of bark mulch around your shrubs and trees
  • Plant seasonal flowers along the walks and in the planting areas
  • Remove loose rubbish /DE clutter
  • Gate repair/paint
  • Fence repair/paint
  • Letter box replace or paint
  • Driveway wash remove stains
  • Gutters clean remove leaves/ repair/ paint
  • Roof reseal/repair
  • Eaves wash cobwebs /paint
  • Front door clean/paint
  • Add a welcome floor mat at door entry
  • Windows replaced damage fly screens
  • Pot plants prune weed it’s a feature
  • Garage DE clutter /repaint

Preparing your home for sale


  • Put everything you can into temporary storage, donate it to charity, sell it, give it away, or burn it. Removing everything from your home before putting it on the market…
  • Makes your home look bigger.
  • Allows a prospect to more easily imagine their own items in your home.
  • Allows you to remove personal fixtures, such as grandma’s chandeliers, now, so that you won’t have to bargain over them later.
  • Neutralizes the personality of your home.
  • Lowers the cost of packing and shipping items.
  • Prepares your home for cleaning, painting, etc.
  • If you want donate items to charity.

Tip: Videotape anything put into storage in case you later need to support an insurance claim or tax deduction.

Tuesday, 06 January 2015 06:12

Sydney's Top Selling Suburbs

Sydney is still at the top of property growth and sales lists, but where can you manage to buy below the advertised price? The top four suburbs with the fastest selling homes in 2015 have an average of just 21 days on the market.

Top Five Suburbs Selling Below House Listed Prices

  • Daleys Pont
  • Great Mackerel Beach
  • Leppington
  • Oakville
  • Lower Portland
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