Selling home with tenantImportant things to consider when selling your investment property, with tenants NSW

1) Notify your tenants of intention to sell. Before you begin the sales process.

2) Less control for you.

3) Keeping tenants in place provides income.

4) Open house inspections and viewings.

5) Not all buyers want an investment property tenanted.

6) Check your lease agreement.

7) Asking your tenants to leave.

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Choose your property management

As an investment property owner, Managing your rental property is hard enough as it is, you need to earn the maximum most return on your rental property. This means choosing an experience knowledgeable property manager is a valuable asset, to take over the day-to-day management of your investment.

Real Estate Agent Interview questions checklist to ask real estate property managers when interviewing. Take notes of your agent's answers.

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How to the right real estate agentWhen selecting a agent, it is wise to ask a few tough questions before deciding who should represent you. Not all real estate agents are equally the same and ethical, and not all properties are the same, so tailor approach is very important to that type of property may be different to all the others, so choose an agent with back ground knowlegde relevant to your property can help you market and sell your property for the right price.

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