How To Choose The Right Real Estate Agent

How to the right real estate agentWhen selecting a agent, it is wise to ask a few tough questions before deciding who should represent you. Not all real estate agents are equally the same and ethical, and not all properties are the same, so tailor approach is very important to that type of property may be different to all the others, so choose an agent with back ground knowlegde relevant to your property can help you market and sell your property for the right price.

The first and the most important step for Sydney homebuyers, sellers and leasing is to connect with a local real estate experts. Sydney is home to countless real estate agents, so be sure that you select the right agent who understands your property good points will make all of the difference when buying, selling or leasing your home. It’s important to interview several agents to ensure that you find the one who best fits your needs. AgentFinder.sydney has a plate form of trusted real estate agents in Sydney and NSW you can compare commissions, fees read there profiles.

Real Estate Agent Interview:

Checklist of questions to ask a real estate agents when interviewing. Take notes of your agent's answers.

  1. How long have you actively been working in residential real estate.
  2. What comparable homes have you sold in this area in the last six months?
  3. Ask the agent to demonstrate how they would handle a negotiation?
  4. What do you think my property is worth? How have you come up with that figure?
  5. How does my house present? What can we do to maximise the sale price?
  6. How long is it taking you to sell well priced listings at the moment?
  7. Do you have a list of recent vendors I can speak to?
  8. What will you do to introduce buyers to my property?
  9. What do you think are the key selling points of my house?
    (a) The Open Concept Home with every space has a good living function
    (b) Outdoor Living Private Space
    (c) Neutral Decor
    (d) Energy Efficient Appliances and Fixtures
    (e) Updated Kitchens Many buyers fall in love with homes based on the kitchen alone.
    (f) Natural timber flooring
    (g) Double Car Garages
    (h) Designer Tubs and Showers
  10. Advice about steps you can take to make your property more attractive to buyers.
  11. Do you have a list of recent vendors I can speak to?
Marketing Process:
  1. What’s the best method for selling my property? Auction or private treaty? Why?
  2. What’s an approximate time frame?
  3. What marketing systems and approaches will they use to sell or lease your house?
  4. In asking this question, you don’t expect the agent to give you an exact number of days that it will take to sell your property! You are looking for their understanding of the current market and the factors impacting your area, and how these will contribute to the selling process.
  1. What’s it going to cost me?
  2. What is the agent’s commission.
  3. What costs can I expect during the process?
  4. How much will be spent on marketing? Why?
  5. Why should I hire you?

We will be with you every step of the way to ensure you have the best possible representation in your real estate transaction.
Agentfiner.sydney has a great platform of tools and agents to choose from you can use our checklist during your meetings to find the best one for you to work with.

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